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     Product Classification
2012mama音乐盛典 2012mama音乐盛典 ,哈林摇摆舞 哈林摇摆舞

Cold material

  Series diamond products
  Series polishing powder
  Series adhesives used in optical technology and product
  Optical coolant(oil)
  Series polyurethane polishing pellets
  Vacuum coating material
  Series cleaning agent

Adhesives for product assembly

  Series cleaning material
  Series special coating and protective material
  Series optical damp (lubricating) grease
  Adhesives for product assembly

Optical Instruments

  Adjustable low light level resolution checker WFJ1
  Preset lens for distortion checking WL535j – 5 2012mama音乐盛典 2012mama音乐盛典 ,哈林摇摆舞 哈林摇摆舞
  Collimator with big field of view BJ – 041B
  Objective T value checker TCY
  Optical instrumentation
About us

    YUNNAN OPTO-ELECTRO AUXILIARY MATERIAL CO., LTD. is the cradle of optical auxiliary material in china with a history of 70 years in the development and production of optical auxiliary material.It combines the need of traditional and modern optical processing and develops new products continuously. Its scope of operation and market proportion is in the leading position in China.The products of the company cover all auxiliary material used in the whole optical processing and assembly. The products include:

auxiliary material

Optical instrumentation
    Product Photo
China Military Power Light
Optical Consultation
China North Optical-electrical Technology CO.,LTD
China Optics & Optoelectonics Manufacture Assocition
2012mama音乐盛典 2012mama音乐盛典 ,哈林摇摆舞 哈林摇摆舞 China Optical Talent Network
Optical News
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